Meet the Team:

Fiore : means "flower" in Italian and
symbolizes our mother and father
7 : represents four sisters and our three daughters

Fiore x 7 is a family-owned and operated floral design company in Plano, TX. We are 4 sisters and 3 daughters who bring our family values - love, artistry, respect, and integrity - to our products and to our customers. Our collective experience in fashion, art, business, travel, and family is our inspiration to create exquisite avant-garde floral masterpieces combining exotic flowers into unique arrangements with beautiful handmade accessories. Please join us and see what happens "when art & fashion meet flowers!"

Meet Our Design Team:


Meet Arezoo - Chief Floral Designer

Arezoo has been a creative sensation since her childhood. She attended the Art Institute of Chicago and later obtained a Master's Degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. Shortly thereafter, Arezoo pursued her passion for design in the fashion industry. As a Senior Design Director for a global Fortune 500 company, Arezoo’s vision, creativity and leadership enabled her to grow a small label into a $100 million dollar brand.

Arezoo’s floral creations are full of color and unique arrangements as she brings her extensive fashion background to her craft. Having traveled the world and immersed herself in various cultures, she adeptly mixes different global aesthetics. Arezoo’s signature pieces are multi-dimensional and modern, accented with contrasting colors and eclectic textiles. Her vibrant personality, passion, and creativity are evident in her unique pieces.


Meet Azita - Director of Operations

Stepping away from a career in the telecom industry working for global Fortune 500 companies, Azita has applied her extensive experience in managing large-scale projects, providing team leadership, and customer focus into her role as Fiore x 7 Director of Operations. As a complement to her business acumen, Azita also has formal training in floral arranging. She believes that the fine art of floral design is expressed through form, texture, and color. Her design is organic and freestyle in nature. Azita realizes her creative vision through imagination and heartfelt emotion.


Meet Chanel - Graphic Designer

Chanel is responsible for the brand’s eye-catching graphic visuals. After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas, Chanel applied her training and knowledge to designing textile patterns for accessories, including small leather goods.

Chanel has exquisite taste in fashion and is well-known as a trendsetter and style icon. Her floral designs are young and fresh and reflect the tastes of her generation.

She is also the Fiore x 7 social media ambassador. Her work symbolizes the Fiore x 7 vision and conveys a stylish, elegant, and modern image.